The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2016

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Haystack Dryers enhance the stay of your guests at hotels and resorts worldwide

Body dryers are an important part of a hotel's services to reduce laudry costs and increase guest satisfaction.

Dryers can be used in a number of envioronments at your hotel or resort:

  • Beside swimming pools
  • Inside changing rooms
  • In spa or treatment rooms
  • On the beach
  • Before re-entry to the hotel
  • On cruise ships

Our versatile dryers can be tailored to your exact needs and add a luxury customer service to your operation.

The benefits to your hotel or resort include:

  • Reduced towel use and associated laundry costs
  • Less pooled water on slippery floors from wet guests
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Less water damage in lifts and elevators
  • Reduced towel theft, damage and loss
  • Happier guests


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Contact Haystack Dryers on

+44 (0)1202 890705

or contact us here

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