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Hurricane Dryer

Haystack Hurricane Dryer

With its space saving design the Hurricane Dryer has been designed to suit a wide variety of venues whilst continuing to give the whole family a unique drying experience.

The sleek design ensures it can fit into smaller areas such as changing rooms and can typically be seen in the changing rooms of  water parks, leisure centres, swimming pools and shopping centers. 

The dryers heat with infra-red lamps as well as blowing air out from heated fans in each corner.  Air is circulated around the guests which is then recycled to reduce the need to keep heating. Temperature and fan speeds are carefully monitored from an intelligent computer system and take into account the ambient temperature.

The Hurricane Dryer has the following features:

  • Indoor specific dryer

  • Suitable for 1-3 people (2 adults or 3 children)

  • Option to be themed

  • A choice of colours

  • A range of activation methods

Activation and Payment Methods

Dryers can be configured with a variety of different vend options such as:

  • Cash (Notes or Coins)
  • Token
  • Hotel Key
  • Credit Cards
  • Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, NFC etc)
  • Cashless Payment (RFID wristbands, stored value swipe cards etc)
  • Alternatively the dryer can be set to vend for free
Hurricane Dryer
Hurricane Dryer
Hurricane Dryer



The cycle time can be set to any length desired, usually 3 ½ minutes. Session charges can be set individually and configured to accept all local currencies.


Our dryers can be located indoors or outdoors on any firm level surface capable of supporting the weight, or partly recessed into the ground to create a level access point.

Cost Saving

In attractions where towels are supplied free of charge the placement of dryers will not only offset these significant costs, but will offer the opportunity to turn this cost centre into a profit centre.

Income Generation

The introduction of our dryers will provide an additional revenue stream as well as providing excellent customer service to guests.


Haystack Dryers offer the cabinet and internal panels in all colors within the standard RAL colour range.

View our Hurricane Dryer Gallery HERE

Contact Haystack Dryers on

+44 (0)1202 890705

or contact us here

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